Bentley Barcelona has a new approach to targeting sports which is paying big dividends

Q: Which segment did you choose to target? And why?

A: Bentley Barcelona has created a whole new concept called The Bentley Seasons by organising a quarterly series of qualitative, surprising, differential and exclusive micro experiences. We are using these events to target men between the ages of 35 and 65 years; high-class individuals interested in the world of the exclusive sports.

Q: Briefly describe how you targeted this segment.

A: The concept is based solely on attracting High Net Worth Individuals to the Bentley Brand, with two main goals: to acquire VIP clients and increase brand loyalty.
Admittedly, identifying these potential prospects isn’t an easy task so our PR agency has played an important role in allowing us to fulfill our objectives. By collaborating very closely with us they are fully understanding of our needs and have already succeeded in bringing the right people to us.

However, we really need to ensure we cater to the tastes of these people, and as such our Bentley seasons are all about experiences. We do not believe in static events, instead we prefer to get these people into our cars. In our experience, these are people who will spread the word within our target audience, thus giving us massive exposure while simultaneously provoking valuable conversations – we want them to talk about Bentley.

We generally run the experiences to the same format – Test Drive Experience Gastronomy (Michelin star restaurants) Test Drive, but tailor them to the seasons. So, in winter we have Heli-skiing, in Spring there is a flight in a light aircraft, summer features an off-road adventure with Bentayga while autumn is related to horse riding.

Q: How successful were you? Any strong leads or sales? Did your initiative generate any test drives or any recommendations?

A: We have enjoyed many strong leads since the programme was launched, and many referrals have walked and called into our showroom. This is important as we are actively targeting prospects who were unknown by us prior to this event. Remember, sales cycles tend to be quite long, so these experiences are designed to establish an initial and lasting relationship.

Q: How did you follow up post event?

A: We had a multi-faceted approach involving the following tools: 

- Letter of appreciation

- Call of thanks

- Show room invite

- Geneva Motor Show

- 2D New Continental GT Previews (White Dinner)

What’s next: New Showroom opening

Q: Would you target this area again in the future or choose to change segment? If so, which segment?

A: Our focus this year has been on sports, but next year we are looking to explore the world of art to figure out which meaningful actions can be undertaken.

Q: Is there anything you'll try and do better next time?

A: The learning and feedback we take away from each event are extremely valuable for us. We will always strive to bring our best to any new concept to ensure we continue to offer unforgettable experiences. 

Q: Are there any segments you think Bentley could target more aggressively?

A: No matter how untouchable you reckon these people are, it is important to acknowledge that they will always truly appreciate the opportunity to drive a Bentley. 
It is equally important to remember that customer proximity is key when talking and dealing with them.